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(Please note prices listed below are for 5'0" - 6'6" combos, please view price list for other sizes.)
Polyester/Cotton (Riplock & Waterproof) 440gsm Canvas available in lined or unlined.
When you want to keep your horse warm and dry on those wet winter days you can't go past the quality of a canvas rug. Made from Australian made canvas , using polyester and cotton, this canvas is not only durable but also breathable.
Available in an unlined rug suitable for Spring/Autumn weather, or a kersey wool lined rug. We do not skimp on our linings the neck rug is fully lined with kersey and the rug is lined down to 3/4 drop of the rug, keeping your horse toasty and warm.

Unlined Combo: from $260

Lined Combo from $350


Kersey Wool Underblanket
We have designed an underblanket made from Kersey wool rug lining. This blanket can be used under unlined canvas rugs or your riplock
summer rugs for extra warmth. There are no leg straps or chest strap on this underblanket you just simply thread your existing leg
straps through the slots on the side of under blanket and clip back to rug as usual. This will reduce the need for multiple sets of leg
straps resulting in a more comfortable rugging experience for your horse.

Rug: $130 

Kersey Wool
Suitable as a show, stable or warmth as an under rug, these Kersey rugs not only look good but they are super warm. 
Available in a large range of colours and matching bindings.

Combo: from $250 

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