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Ruggit Rugs Services and General Information

Rug Repairs
Our repair standards go above and beyond restoring functionality
The goal is to extend the life of the rug for maximum usage.

Rugs repaired with the same fabric type & colour where possible. Outstanding workmanship.
Alterations & difficult sewing tasks and heavy to lightweight sewing.

ALL RUGS FOR REPAIR MUST BE WASHED FIRST. "We will not accept dirty rugs."


Have your rugs washed and repaired at the end of the season before storing them away.
This way your rugs will be ready to use when you need them again. 

Quality Rug Fittings
Ruggit Rugs only use Quality Rug fittings, that have been first tested and tried on our own horses. 




Custom Made Horse Rugs
We offer a free made to measure service in three easy steps.
  • Download Measurement form.
  • Measure your horse as per instructions.
  • Return completed form to us, along with any special requests.
What is a Combo?
Attached Hood or Neck Combos.
An attached Hood or Neck combo usually refers to a one piece horse combo. It incorporates a standard horse rug with a full hood or neck rug attached directly to the rug. This is often safer than using separate rugs and attaching separate hoods.

What is Riplock?
Riplock is a way of modifying the warp & weft of a fabric to enable it to contain rips & tears. The design insures that a rip or tear will be contained to a smaller area than would otherwise be expected. It will not stop barbed wire tears, but will assist to contain them. 
How to Care for your Horse Rugs
Summer Polyester and Cotton Rugs can generally be washed just like clothing. Avoid drying your horse rug in a clothes dryer as the high heat can melt or damage the polypropylene bindings and straps. Line drying is recommended. We recommend Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash product from Leather Therapy. This product can be placed in your domestic washing machine along with your horse rug.
When cleaning your canvas rugs never scrub the canvas - to remove dirt use a damp sponge or try brushing the fabric with a soft brush when any dirt has dried. Remove any mildew as it appears, and allow the rug plenty of sun exposure afterwards.
Kersey Wool rugs can be washed in washing machine on a cold handwash cycle using Saddle Pad and Blanket Wash product.
How do I keep my horse cool in summer and insect free?
In the summer months, in  the hotter states,  many people opt for a cool summer mesh rug. Made from fine, yet strong mesh, it helps to  keep annoying fly’s off your horse and allows the breeze and rain to pass through the rug.  The UV rating helps to lessen the harsh Australian sun.
When  & Why should I rug my horse?
The answer to this question will be different for each horse. Consider the factors below when assessing your horses needs.

Your Horses Coat - Most horses will grow a thick winter coat if left unrugged. Cold weather causes your horse's hairs to stand on end, which creates an insulating effect with warm air trapped near the skin. Putting a rug on a hairy horse can reduce that insulating power by flattening the hairs. (And actually make him colder!) It is advisable to have a shelter shed for an unrugged horse so he can escape the cold icy wind and rain.
If your horse's winter coat is thin or if you want a short coat for showing then a rug is necessary to make up for what's missing and prevent a thick coat from growing (for showing)
Horses with full winter coats can stay warm without rugs.  However,  it is  important to consider other weather factors such as humidity, wind chill, and rain.
When soaked, even a thick winter coat can lose its warming power, leaving your horse chilled to the skin. Similarly, stiff winds can lift the hair coat, allowing icy blasts to penetrate straight to the horse's skin. So, a horse that might be comfortable naked on a dry 20-degree day might appreciate a lightweight, waterproof cover if it's windy or wet, even at a more moderate temperature.

Foals and older horses have a harder time keeping themselves warm than an animal in his prime, so a rug might boost their comfort levels and help them stay healthy. Likewise, a sick horse will benefit from an extra coat while his immune defenses are low.

If you are confused about which rug to choose please contact us for advice.
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