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In 1992 a sewing machine was purchased for Mandy to repair and sew her own horse rugs (well that was the plan). She then started sewing rugs for friends and acquaintances and so the business grew from there, formerly known as Mandy's Horse Rug Service. A few years later the rug label Ruggit Rugs was created by Mandy's husband Steve. A bigger sewing machine, larger workshop and new location soon followed. Over the years of sewing horse rugs we believe we have developed a great Australian Horse Rug, offering a great fit, durability and value for money to our customers.  We are always looking to further improve our products and welcome any suggestions from our clients.
July 2009 saw a change for Ruggit Rugs with Yvette Lacey becoming the new owner, (the force behind the sewing machine). I am keen to expand the business and build on the great reputation Ruggit Rugs is known for:quality, durability and value for money.
Yvette Lacey
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Yvette Lacey
Calliope 4680
Mobile: 0428553531